Web Usability Questionnaire

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Q1. On average, how many days per week do you typically visit the EXAMPLE Web Site?
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Q2. How many times per day do you typically visit the EXAMPLE Web Site?
     Once A Day
     2-3 Times Per Day
     4 or More Times Per Day
     Can't Say

Q3. Do you have EXAMPLE "bookmarked" in your browser?
     Can't Say

Q4. Which of the following CATEGORIES found on the EXAMPLE Home Page do you use? (Check All That Apply)
     Category 1
     Category 2
     Category 3
     Category 4
     Category 5
     Category 6
     Category 7
     Category 8
     Category 9
     Category 10
     Category 11

Q5. Which of the following STORES do you shop? (Check All That Apply)
     Store 1
     Store 2
     Store 3

Q6. Please evaluate EXAMPLE on the following dimensions— Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent Can't Say
a. Ease of Navigation
b. Has the Information I Need
c. Is Updated in a Timely Manner
d. Visual Appeal (Layout, Colors, etc.)
e. Overall as a Website

Q7. Is there anything in particular you would do to IMPROVE the EXAMPLE Web Site?

Finally, we often invite our web users to Focus Groups or other research interviews to gain feedback on our site. If selected, these users receive monetary compensation for their time. If you would be interested in participating in one of these research projects, please supply your name, e-mail address, and phone numbers below. This information is CONFIDENTIAL and is used only for these specific research purposes.
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